Usad - Kilometer 105
Usad - Kilometer 105
"What's last Friday got to do with it? Who cares about last Friday!

Last Friday, the train hardly made any stops. And, in general, trains traveled faster then, but now, the devil knows, they stop and wait. For what? It's enough to make you sick sometimes. Why is it always stopping? Like that at every marker. Except Esino…"

I glanced out the window and frowned again.
"Again, your last friday. I see, Venya, that you are completely in the past. I see that you don't whish to speak of the future at all…"

"Last Friday at eleven in the morning, I don't argue, it was light. But this Friday at eleven in the morning it may be so dark that you could poke your eye out. Do you know how the days are diminishing now? Do you know? I see that you don't know everything, you only brag about knowing everything…"