Kilometer 105 - Pokrow: 3

Kilometer 105 - Pokrow:..... Punkt B1

Kilometer 105 - Pokrow:.....  Punkt B<sub>1</sub>

As is well known, in Petushki there aren't any points A. Moreover, there are no points B, C, D or E. There are only points F. So, then, polar explorer Papanin, desiring to save polar explorer Vodopianov, departed from point F1 for point F2. At the same moment, Vodopianov, desiring to save Papanin, departed from point F2 for point F1. It is not known why both of them turned at point F3, located twelve of Vodopianov's spitting distances from point F1 and sixteen of Papanin's spitting distances from point F2. If it is allowed that Papanin could spit three meters and seventy-two centimeters and that Vodopianov couldn't spit at all, did Papanin indeed set out to save Vodopianov?